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Health Care Breakthrough: Creating Vision Through The Tongue

A new device has been approved by the FDA for marketing promotion which has the ability to change the lives of many. This breakthrough product could potentially change the future for so many individuals suffering from vision impairment by enabling them to identify objects through a new technology.

The software devolpment enables vision impaired and blind individuals to “see” with their tongues by prossesing visuals to idenitify location, shape and size of objects.

The BrainPort V100 is a battery operated device which functions through a camera mounted on a pair of glasses. This is combined with a tiny intra-oral device with many electrodes that the individual holds against the tongue.

The technology processes the image captured by the camera into electrical signals. These are then sent to the intra-oral device and identified into vibrations or tingling sensations on the user’s tongue. Through time and experience, the indivudal will become familiar with sensations, enabling them to interpret the signals to identify the location, size, shape and position of the objects caputured by the camera.

Studies associated with the BrainPort V100 identified that 69% of the 74 individuals involved in the one-year study and training of the device became successful at object recognition. 

The device has no serious health side effects, however, some patients acknowledged burning, stinging or metallic taste linked to the intra-oral device.

Upon public availability, this new technology is expected to sell at approximately $10,000 (USD). Developed by Wicab, Inc. in Wisconsin, this new development is a breakthrough product in today’s technology centred society with the potential to positively impact millions of lives.

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