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Haylie Duff Joins The Mommy Club

New Mommy!

Yesterday 30 year old Haylie Duff gave birth to her brand new baby girl in Los Angeles, California. Is there a better way to spend Mothers Day weekend? I think not!

Her Instagram followers better be ready for a bit of a shift! After the slew of adorable “mommy-to-be” photos, I’m sure we can all expect to see tons of pictures of the recent mommy settling in to her new role. And hopefully some cute pictures of the little cousins together too!

Tweets show that sister Hilary Duff is excited to be an aunt and for her son, Luca, to have a “partner in crime”. Likewise, I’m sure Haylie is more than ready for motherhood after 3 years of being a very involved aunt.

Haylie had an admittedly easy pregnancy. Earlier this year she wrote in her “Real Girls Kitchen” blog:

“Oh, pregnancy. You have been so easy and good to me so far. I feel very grateful that you haven’t made me puke for days on end or given me acne or any of the other numerous ailments that I hear are usually associated with you!”

So it was only fitting that the little bundle of joy would give some trouble on her way out. Haylie was four days overdue and was induced at the hospital with her fiancé, Matt Rosenberg, by her side. Despite that small hiccup, everybody came out the other side happy and healthy! They named their daughter Ryan and she’s already made a place for herself in their little family.

This has been a pretty life changing year for Haylie and it’s only just the beginning. After putting their wedding planning on hold, to prepare for baby Ryan, they’re ready to dive back into their wedding frenzy.

Only now, their plans will be slightly changed to include a new VIP guest!


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