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Happy Ending To Search For Missing Wisconsin Campers

Three sisters who set off on a camping trip but later went missing have been found safely. The trio had prepared food, tents and sleeping equipment for camping for five days.

They had last been heard from through Facebook on June 28, but when they didn’t arrive to meet their mother for a flight to Switzerland on July 7, a search began. The sisters from Wisconsion, aged 16, 22, and 25, were reported missing on Tuesday.

A day after being reported missing, the sisters’ car was spotted parked near a trail in Gros Ventre, a part of the Bridger-Teton Nation Forest. A guide had also notifed search members that he had seen a person walking Wednesday in an area of the park with no marked trails. Shortly after providing this information and the location coordinates of the sighting, the girls were spotted by a helicopter who landed for their rescue 

A spokesperson for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said “they’re tired, cold (and) hungry, but otherwise healthy and happy to be on their way out”.

There are no details about why the camping trip didn’t end as planned. The girls are reunited with their father and happy to home.


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