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Happy Birthday!!! Google Turns 17 Years Old

17 years ago this month, The Google company was founded by two students in Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Today, September 27, 2015 Google celebrates another Birthday since in 1998.

Every year on its birthday the Google search engine home page gets a unique drawing/doodle or alternate logo in place of the normal Google logo. You may have noticed it already if you used Google today.

Follow the link to see the doodle archives of past Google birthday doodles and pictures of the founding Google team back from the late ’90s.

Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith from Independent describes the doodle as nostalgic and symbolic of the time period when the company began.

The doodle shows the Linux penguin toy on a desk beside an old computer and CRT tube monitor with  balloons a birthday hat and gifts. The CRT screen displays the original Google homepage and logo.

Today, Google celebrates its birthday, but the exact day Google began is unclear since the company has changed the celebration date many times. It seems no one knows the exact date.

According to  Independent:

“… the company filed incorporation papers on 4 September 1998, though it has never used this date as its birthday, and since 2005 it has marked its birthday on 8 September, 26 September, and since 2012, 27 September.”

Skunkworks is a term that sometimes describes work done by small teams that have few resources to work with and  little experience, but create something innovative and amazing.

Creators of  home computer software and hardware from companies  like Apple, Facebook, Blizzard, and Google began with few people in their homes and garages, with a meagre budget and resources, and against the odds produced something amazing.

Today we may think of Google as a giant company with endless resources and computer equipment, but Google was just like other Skunkwork projects when founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed Google in their Stanford dorm room.

Google has grown up.  Google is not just a search engine anymore, but producer of cars and video camera eyeglasses too.  I wonder what the next 17 years of Google will bring to us.

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