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Grizzly Breaks Zoo Window

A Minnesota Zoo grizzly bear by the name of Kenai has been suspected of vandalizing his own enclosure. Apparently, zoo-goers watched a grizzly bear repeatedly slam a fifty pound rock into the glass wall of its enclosure, causing part of it to crack.

Although this sounds terrifying, as Director of Animal Collections, Tony Fisher states, the custom made glass did what it was designed to do, only one of the five layers shattered. A 2.5 inch glass pane is not much to an eight or nine hundred pound grizzly.

It is believed that Kenai, the middle sized bear, who is curious and shy, but always most likely to try new things and obviously likes getting into a little mischief, is most likely to have loosened one of the rocks in the enclosure and used it to slam the window repeatedly. Although this has not been confirmed by zoo staff.

Until a replacement window is installed, the bears have been removed from the exhibit for their own safety. As Fisher also pointed out, the exhibit is built to withstand the grizzly bears and what they can do, so zoo-goers should not fear going to the Minnesota Zoo.

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