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Gravity Rush Remastered, Gravity Rush 2 Announced

At their Tokyo Game Show press conference Sony confirmed two new games from their Japanese studio. The first is Gravity Rush Remastered, a port of the critically acclaimed 2012 PlayStation Vita game of the same name. Coming to PlayStation 4 on February 9, 2016 in North America and February 10, in Europe the game includes overhauled graphics and all previously released downloadable content. Sony Japan Studio also revealed Gravity Rush 2, a full sequel also coming exclusively to PlayStation 4. The sequel was given a 2016 release window in Japan but though a western release has been confirmed no release window was offered.

The original Vita game received universal praise from critics for it’s gameplay and beautiful cell-shaded graphics. It’s still considered by many to be one of the best games on the platform. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, William Palmer discussed the remake. “Brought to life on the big screen by the team at BluePoint Games you’ll be able to join heroine Kat and her sidekick Dusty as they soar through the enchanting city of Hekseville like never before. On the graphics side, this release takes advantage of the PS4 hardware to deliver smooth, vibrant HD visuals,” he wrote.

“All three original DLC packs released alongside Gravity Rush’s initial release – the Spy Pack, The Maid Pack and The Military Pack – will also be included within the game.”

“Whether you are brand new to the franchise, or want to relive the experience again, Gravity Rush Remastered is the perfect opportunity to experience the magical story of Kat as she seeks answers to her mysterious gravity-defying powers and forgotten past, now in full HD glory on your flatscreen TV. And given the ample graphics and performance improvements, it’s worth checking out again in all its new visual glory.”

No real details about the sequel have been offered at this point.

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