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Government After Johnny Depp’s Dogs – “War On Terrier”

When you have everything done for you, sometimes you forget to read the fine print. 

Bringing animals into Australia is a process. It involves getting a permit and then having the dogs put into quarantine for a while to ensure there aren’t any diseases or illnesses being brought into the country.

When flying in to Australia, on his private jet, super star Johnny Depp and wife Amber Heard failed to claim their two puppies at customs. He arrived to film his new Pirates of The Caribbean movie and decided to bring his two Yorkshire Terriers – Pistol and Boo – with him. Depp was reported after the dogs were spotted at a local groomer. Having forgone the process entirely has brought an onslaught of attention to him and his two dogs.

These sorts of policies are in place to protect the animals currently residing in the country and while it may be unlikely that his dogs carry any of the diseases that might be of concern…it is important that everybody follow the rules. Even People Magazine’s sexiest man alive.

Australian’s Agriculture Minister has publicly warned Depp that he needs to take his dogs back to California or the government will be forced to euthanize the pets. The countdown is on and there are fifty hours left for him to take action and remove his dogs.

Social media is up in arms about the threats against the Transcendence star. People are rallied behind him and are willing to fight what is now deemed as the “war on terrier”. Fans and animal lovers are uniting and have put together a petition which currently has well over two thousand signatures.

While it is an extreme measure for the Australian government to threatened Depp to this extent, I completely understand their concern for people not following protocol. Undoubtedly Boo and Pistol will return to California unharmed but maybe this incident will make celebrities take notice and be sure to make sure they cross their “t’s” and dot their “i’s” before flying cross country.

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