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Google Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros.

If you go on Google and type in ‘Super Mario Bros’ into the search field a question mark block pops up off to the side of the screen. The box looks identical to the ones from the original game.  Click on the question mark box and the original sound effect happens, then a coin pops out. Click one hundred times and the ‘1up’ sound will happen. If you haven’t been able to see it, watch the this youtube video from user GameXplain.

The 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. was held this Sunday September 13, 2015. Yesterday, Nintendo put on a live music performance with classical instruments. Koji Kondo, the composer of the original Super Mario music, played music at the show.  The celebration also included a giant Mario with his own birthday cake and candles.

Google has other tributes as well. Type in ‘do a barrel roll’ into the Google search field and the whole screen makes a 360 degree rotation. It’s a tribute to the character Peppy O’Hare from Star fox 64. Using Google maps to play Pac-man lets you play on the unique road shapes of any real world map you are looking at.

Sunday was also the celebration of ‘8-bit day’. Separately, Microsoft made its own little tribute.  According to Andrew Griffin from,

“Microsoft has also featured a special Easter Egg for the day, rechristening the celebration “8-bit day”. In keeping with that, it features a special gif of ninja cat, its unofficial mascot, riding a T-Rex.

Heading to the Microsoft website and typing the Konami Code — Up arrow, up arrow, down arrow, down arrow, left arrow, right arrow, left arrow, right arrow, B, A — brings up the animation.”

Super Mario has been featured in many Nintendo video games and has had much success around the world. It seems Nintendo’s Mario is as famous as Mickey Mouse. I think Nintendo is the Disney of video games. Like Disney, Nintendo provides really magical experiences like nothing else.  Let’s hope for at least another 30 years of Mario to come.

Take a look at this news old Mario news clip from youtube video from user japancommercial4U2.


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