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A Golden Corral Thanksgiving – 2015

Well it’s Thanksgiving and right now you are either recovering from a food coma while cleaning up, OR you went out for dinner and are able to enjoy your food coma curled up on the sofa without the mess!

Golden Corral was one of the few restaurants open for Thanksgiving today and did they deliver! They served up a Thanksgiving feast buffet all day for the amazingly low price of $12.99.

No fuss, no mess and all the fixings. Seems like you can’t go wrong! Some people might have worried that their holiday favourites wouldn’t be offered up. Well, you’re likely wrong! They had all the southern goodies you could want. Sweet potatoes, green beans, corn pudding, mashed potatoes, veggies, Mac n’ Cheese, gravy, cranberries and they even served pumpkin pie and pecan pie for dessert!

Their self titled “Legendary Endless Dinner Buffet” gave customers something to really be thankful for.

If you missed out on eating there today, you can head there tomorrow for their “Day After Thanksgiving Breakfast” buffet which, I’m sure, will be equally delicious!

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