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Gmail introduces new ‘block’ function

Ever sign up for a free trial only to be bombarded by junk mail the next day? Perhaps a persistent ex writing daily love letters? In the past the best you could do was move the mail to another folder, and although this does do the job, sometimes something a little more final is required.

That is why launching today, Gmail will allow you to block specific email addresses in a two click process. This can be done through the web app by clicking the reply button to open up the drop-down menu, and then clicking block *enter name here*. Some have commented on how rather odd it is to have placed the block button in the reply menu; after all replying is probably the last thing you want to do.

However the new feature seems to be very welcome amongst gmail users, so give it a go if you need to stage a Facebook-style-freeze-out.

Note whilst the feature is available from today on the web, it will only be seen by android OS users later this week. Along with added support for Google’s unsubscribe feature that allows you to opt out of mailing lists with a single click.

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