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Glitches Buying Tickets For Adele’s Concerts

Fans have waiting four years for Adele to go on tour. After the release of her biggest selling album, 25, she is giving fans what they want. She announced her Europe tour dates and fans have flocked to ticket sites. The huge volume of traffic, though, has caused some serious technical errors.

According to BBC, online customers have had to wait for long periods of times, they’ve been bumped out of their payment pages and there was even a glitch that revealed some customers personal information during an early pre-sale!

That little hiccup was on ticketing company website Songkick. They dealt with the issue quickly and said it was due to the “extreme load.” They’ve also assured fans that “at no time was anyone able to access another person’s password, nor their payment or credit card details (which are not retained by Songkick).”

Songkick has been working with Adele’s management to weed out the problem of reselling tickets. BBC revealed that in a short time, the ticketing website eliminated “18,000 known and suspected touts!”

Jonathan Dickens, Adele’s manager, understands and shares the fans’ frustrations with ticket reselling. On Adele’s official website she makes a point of saying “resale of tickets will not be tolerated.” Despite her proclamation, tickets were appearing on reselling websites (for ridiculously inflated prices) before customers were even able to finish purchasing them from the official retailers.

Dickens interviewed with Music Business Worldwide and told them:

“The big problem here is legislation. Until a law is passed in the UK that outlaws ticket resale profiteering you cannot stop it completely. (…) We were carefully monitoring all of the registrations to try and spot anything suspicious. This is a show for fans who’ve waited years for Adele to perform. Everyone working on it just wants the best outcome for those fans.”

With all these European dates, American fans might be feeling a little left out. While there’s no news of adding tour dates in the U.S., there will be a special Christmas treat for Adele lovers. On December 14th NBC will air Adele Live in New York City – One Night Only. The special was filmed on November 17 when Adele performed at New York’s Radio City Music Hall to a sold-out crowd.

Even through the wait, the glitches and pesky re-sellers, fans are still finding a way to secure their spot at Adele’s shows. Due to the interest, she has had to add a handful of additional dates! If you are ready for another long wait and potentially frustrating experience, tickets go on sale Monday.

The tour will start in Belfast next February.

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