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Get ready for the Nintendo World Championships!


To hype up Nintendo’s presentation at E3 this year, the Regginator (Reggie Fils-Aime) has announced through Nintendo Direct that he’s returning the Nintendo World Championships after a 25-year hiatus. And he’s competing in it, too.

This is only the latest part of the many Nintendo events being lined up in time for E3. On top of the World Championships, Nintendo fans can also look forward to trying Splatoon and Mario Maker demos at the numerous Best Buy locations in the USA and Canada.

Nintendo also said they plan to involve more guest appearances from developers, announce more game titles and make 2015 their biggest year yet.


Big-time Nintendo fans can be pumped up knowing that Nintendo has more coming up — a Digital direct on Tuesday, June 16th and a Nintendo Treehouse area on the third floor of E3. And that Bill, presumably of the localization department, has now been replaced with a young, Japanese proficient boy named Tanner.

The original Nintendo World Championship in 1990 had its contents published onto an NES cartridge. The contests were held over the weekend with competitors split into groups according to age. The winner took home a trophy, $250 (adjusted to $465 in 2015), bragging rights and a trip to Universal Studios.

The last winners of the event in 1990 after an informal final round were Thor Aackerlund of Dallas, Jeff Hansen of Tampa and Robert Whiteman of New York City. Both Hansen and Aackerlund went on to represent different game companies.


Love Nintendo and want a chance to make the finals? Maybe even challenge the Regginator? Competitions will take place across any of the 250 Best Buy locations hosting the event. Finalists will be streamed on Nintendo Direct on Sunday, June 14th.

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