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Georgia’s Decrease in Smoking… Good?

If anyone has read any of the other articles I have done on smoking cigarettes, it is fairly easy to come to the conclusion that I am not a fan of it at all. In fact, if some were to read my articles and conclude that I hated it, they would not be too far off either. It also seems as though the state of Georgia somewhat agrees with me.

Research has shown that the classic cigarette’s sales have declined considerably over the years in the state of Georgia. This may sound good at first, but it may make you stop and think “Is there not something that has to take it’s place? How can a whole state’s sales of such a popular product suddenly go down like this?” Well, the answer lies in tobacco and nicotine substitutes. While research in Georgia does show that the amount of sales through cigarettes has gone down, the amount of substitutes, such as nicotine gum and e-cigarettes has raised drastically.

I am somewhat on the fence in terms of how I feel about this. Do not get me wrong, I am extremely happy that a whole state has reduced it’s intake of the dreaded cancer sticks, but at the same time, the addiction to the ingredients, along with addiction in general still remains, and this is where my problem lies. Sure, there is a lesser risk of cancer for the people dropping cigion. arettes, but addiction in itself is still unhealthy. Maybe some are just using these products as a progression to slowly but ultimately kick their filthy habits for good, I do not know, but I really hope so. Even though I am not too fond of people substituting one addiction for another, my ultimate stance on this matter is that I am glad that people are doing something about their problem as oppose to succumbing to it and thinking that they cannot beat it at all.


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