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Gamers and Small Companies Proving Large Publishers Wrong

The gaming industry is enormous and continues to grow with every passing generation, but there are always going to be mistakes along the way. This makes it very difficult for gaming companies to shy away from their prime ideas which are already working and invest or try something new, and a great example is with Kickstarter games.

Koji Igarashi wanted to release a spiritual successor to the game Castlevania called Bloodstained: Ritual of the night. This style of game was a blend of the famous Metroid Prime and Castlevania series’, also known as Metroidvania. For those who know about neither of them, blending these two types of games together resulted in a platformer style game, that stems out to both 2 or 3D. Many companies that were approached with this idea turned them down, saying that according to market research, games of that style are not wanted by the consumer anymore. Needless to say, those companies were wrong and once the game finally was released through a company called Kickstarter games, it brought in one million dollars in sales.

What really has me scratching my head here is the reasoning the company had for turning down the game. If major publishers had just stated they were not interested, or that they just would not want to take the chance and spend the money on a game they think will fail once it hits the marketplace, I would have understood that. I also know that companies need to make decisions, but saying that the consumer will not want a particular type of game anymore is absurd to me.

The amount of genres and styles of games out there represent my thoughts on why any company would say that. There are plenty of Famous 2D and 3D platformer style games that are extremely famous, such as the classic Super Mario series, Megaman and Crash Bandicoot. With that said, there are also plenty of varying styles of games that have succeeded. There are the classic 3D adventures, first person shooters, third person shooters, on rail shooters, fighting games, racing games, sports games, the list goes on.

To me, stories like these just go to show, in an industry where a lot of different styles are being used, such as gaming, fashion or music does not mean that bringing out or introducing a new style of something, mean that it will not sell. With one of the larger publishers behind a game like Bloodstained: Ritual of the night, there is a great chance that that game would have made much more than the million dollars that it did, and maybe the larger publishers will think twice before they are so quick to turn down a game.


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