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Photo: HBO

Game of Thrones Season Six Teaser Poster Released

Jon Snow may know nothing, but neither do Game of Thrones fans!

Since the dramatic finale of season five, fans have been speculating whether or not Kit Harrington’s character, Jon Snow, is ACTUALLY dead or not. It seemed like a pretty cut and dry scene where the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch lay lifeless on the snow, but perhaps he’s not fully gone after all?

Harrington, along with HBO and producers of the show, have all held a united front on the fact that Jon Snow is, in fact, dead. But how dead is he? Maybe he will come back as a white walker…or maybe he will be brought back to life by Melisandre. Whatever your theories may be, Game of Thrones wants you to keep thinking about it.

The desire to keep speculation alive became clear this week upon the release of the first teaser poster for season six. It was the first bit of marketing for the upcoming season and featured only Jon Snow – and, of course, revealed when we can expect GOT back on screens (April)!

So hang tight fans, it’s still going to be a while before we truly know the fate of Snow but hope is still alive!

Photo: HBO
Photo: HBO

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