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Game of Thrones Has Some New Regulars

Well ladies and gentlemen, it was the episode we have all been anticipating. Game of Thrones “welcomed” some new regulars to the show this week in episode 8.

What at first I thought to be a killer (yes- pun intended) Halloween costume is now the subject of all of my nightmares. Indeed, the army of the dead has arrived, with some notable changes since we last encountered a White Walker. Yes, the effects are more realistic and a lot less animated, but the piercing bright blue of the walker’s eyes did not leave the same lasting impression.

The Lord Commander carries out what we all knew he could do in working with the Wildlings, and not a moment too soon. Snow is the ultimate underdog, and has really grown into himself this season, but I had never really invested much into him as a character (so I thought).

Kit Harington recalls to Huffington Post that the twenty-minute battle sequence took a month in miserable conditions to complete. It was in those twenty minutes and several near misses that the evolution of Snow’s character truly comes flooding in along with the Walkers. He is no longer “Lord Snow” or slapped with the title Ned Stark’s bastard.

Meanwhile in Winterfell…

Being locked up in that dark bedroom all day has really made Sansa a bit feistier. Not that I blame her, but when is that corkscrew going to make an appearance? Is its use intended for Reek or Bastard Bolton? The knowledge that Reek lets slip about her two younger brothers, (In all honesty I had momentarily forgotten about wee Rickon) ignites a hope in those Stark eyes that has not been seen in quite a while. Now- what are you going to do about it San?

The Mother of Dragons & her sidekick the imp?

The most unlikely duo has struck the screen (that did not strike the pages of the books). An interesting match, it did not take long for Tyrion to yet again, charm his way out of death. He was also quick to through his travel companion, the other half of his “team” under the unsullied bus. Is this an attempt to gain Dany’s trust or does he have something else in mind?

Last scene: Did anyone see the probable white walker in a hood sitting in the boat that the Lord Commander and the remaining men hopped in?

Side note on Cersei: (because there really isn’t much to say…) but does this mean Margaery can come out now? Common, please?

But in typical GoT fashion, there was enough action was packed into a single episode to make you reach the level of overwhelmed before rolling the credits.

I couldn’t help but feeling like the episode was shorter than usual, but then realized that this was the Game of Thrones I remember- the edge of your seat, might throw up and scream at the same time sort of feeling. Well done.


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