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Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis Making A Name For Himself

Everybody knows Daniel Day-Lewis. Three Academy awards, two Golden Globe awards, four BAFTA awards…heck, even Prince William acknowledged the actor’s greatness when he knighted him! But now, DDL is passing down the torch to his super talented son, Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis.

The 20-year-old, who looks so much like his father, has quite the set of parents! He may look a lot like his father, but he also has the good looks of his mother, Issabelle Adjan, a French actress.

Gabriel-Kane has his eggs in a few baskets. His unique look and epic name pushed him towards the modelling world. Last February he walked in Chanel’s Paris Couture Fashion Week Show and even escorted Julianne Moore into the show! He told Town and Country magazine that he got the job because of a chance meeting with Karl Lagerfeld who he had met before, as a young boy. He said:

“I stopped to get coffee across from the Chanel studio, and I saw Karl Lagerfeld. When I told him who I was he couldn’t believe it. He was like, ‘Wow, you’ve really grown into yourself. I would love to have you in the Chanel show.'”

When he was younger, his heavy eyebrows made him the target of bullying. But he’s the one laughing now as his thick brows give him a cool and desired look for a model. He told Vanity Fair:

“In middle school, I was always teased for my disproportional eyebrows. And now they’re actually getting me work.”

Aside from the modelling, he also has his toes dipped in the music world. In the music industry he goes by just his first name, Gabriel-Kane, and describes his sound as “soulful, poppy-acoustic.” He released his first EP, Every Scar Is A Healing Place, last September and his first single was “Ink In My Veins” (video below).

It looks like this young whipper snapper is following in the footprints of his father’s success. I’m sure Gabriel’s parents are quite proud!

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