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A full moon will appear on Christmas Day

Those who choose to look up at the sky on December 25 will be greeted by a rare lunar treat: a Christmas Day full moon, the first since 1977 (which Star Wars fans will know to be the year that Episode IV was released).

1977 is also heralded as the year that the first Trudeau (Pierre Trudeau) sat in office as Canada’s prime minister, and Jimmy Carter was president of the United States. 1977 was also a year without cellphones, the Internet, or the dominating presence of reality television stars. So, while a Christmas full moon isn’t as rare as a “super moon” (which we were also lucky enough to see this year), there will not be another until 2034.

The moon will be the closest to Earth on December 21 at an approximate distance of 368, 417 km. Scientists say that the full moon will be most visible during the early morning on Christmas Day at 6:11 a.m. ET. So, set your alarms, don a sweater, pour yourself a hot beverage, and have your cameras ready!

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