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Free College For Veteran Baristas and their Families

Starbucks is lending a generous hand to their employees and family of the employees who are military veterans. Those who work at Starbucks that don’t already have an undergraduate degree and are military veterans are able to get a free four-year university education from Arizona State University online.

In addition to the employees, any child or spouse of the veteran is also eligible. The employees can be either a part-time or full-time employee at Starbucks. There are no further obligations to those receiving the scholarship after graduation. The scholarship has been available to solely the veterans since summer of 2014; it is only the extension to the family that is a new option.

Starbucks offers others services to military veterans to show their appreciation and support. Starbucks is among big company names such as Amazon and Walmart that are on the top “100 military friendly employers” list. They run a program called “Military Family Stores,” which helps veterans to connect with their community to find jobs and supports. Starbucks is also offering the “pay for service” program, which offers veterans paid leave for military duty.

Starbucks may have caused anger from parts of the Christian/Catholic community, but the company has and will continue to make many more families very happy.

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