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Foreigners Wounded at Running of the Bulls

Believe it or not, many citizens were gored by a fighting bull during the second run of Pamplona’s bull run on Wednesday. However, one victim was a 27-year-old Australian man who was apparently gored in the groin and thigh at the end of the run. He is currently in hospital but is reportedly only suffering from minor injuries.

During the first run, two Americans and a Briton were also gored, however reportedly their injuries were not life threatening. Although, other sources also say that one of the Americans, an Arizona man, has serious facial injuries including a fractured jaw, while a Floridian man was gored in the armpit.

The Pamplona bull runs, or encierro, are the most popular bull runs in Spain and is the most high profile event of the San Fermin festival for participants who are at least eighteen years of age and running in the same direction as the bulls.

The origins of the event come from the need to transport bulls from off-site corrals to the bullrings where they would be killed in the evenings, and onlookers would often jump among the bulls to show off. Others suggest that the bull running stems from the transportation of the bulls turning into a competition to race in front of the bulls without being overtaken, and it became the tradition that many at the encierro are participating in this week in Spain. Traditionally, six bulls are released to run, and these are the bulls who will feature in the bullfights later the same day.

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