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Florida Officials Warning about Bacteria

As summer time comes around, this is a very exciting time for people. You can ditch your winter jackets, boots, gloves, and sweaters and break out their shorts, sunglasses and you can even go to the beach. However, along with these same pros, there are cons to summer time as well. With people being more care free and playing contact sports such as football, soccer, ball hockey, things like cuts on shins and bruises go unnoticed and are not thought about as infection spreaders. What people do not realize is that these cuts are not only infection spreaders, but they also make people vulnerable to infection, and that’s what this particular issue is about.

Officials in Florida are warning against going to swim in beaches with open and warm salt water, because there is a dangerous but rare bacteria in some of the waters. This bacteria is called Vibrio vulnificus. Someone can get infected to with this bacteria through a few ways. First off, they can get infected through swimming in contaminated sea water with open wounds, as the bacteria finds it’s way to the human blood stream that way, and someone can also get the infection through eating raw shellfish. The officials report that it is easy to avoid the bacteria through eating shellfish, as they just need to be cooked in order to free the food of the contamination. Symptoms of being infected via eating shellfish show themselves as vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Antibiotic treatment should be sought out in order to get rid of it as soon as possible. Most of the salt water infections are present between May and October.

So yes, my whole introduction about people being more carefree and letting cuts go lead up to that. There’s a reason that children are not allowed into public swimming pools with open wounds or sores, despite them being full of chlorine. Now imagine what a salt water sea of water with fish living in it has in store. It may be a bit of a pain when the day is beautiful out and you want to go out for a swim, but unless you heavy duty bandage up whatever bruises you have, I would advise you to abstain from swimming in public areas where other people are.

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