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Recent Floods Cause Evacuation and Destruction to Homes in Japan

Ibaraki and Tochigi prefecture in Japan are facing destruction and evacuation orders as floods continue to cause a threat. The cities in these prefecture experienced massive flooding causing residents to evacuate. However, some of those who were unable to evacuate were left stranded on the roofs of houses. Fortunately, Japan’s non-combat military Self-Defence Force has been able to rescue rescue many of the flood victims by helicopter.

Tropical Storm Etau is to blame for the flooding of these prefectures, north of Tokyo. Because of the flood, an embankment of the Kinugawa River broke which led floodwater into Joso city of Ibaraki prefecture. (Population 60,000).

Fukashima, which faced the tsunami and earthquakes of 2011, also effected by the rains of Tropical Storm Etau, is facing some unique problems that have polluted the ocean.

“The torrential downpour has also exacerbated a contaminated water problem at the Fukushima nuclear plant as it overwhelmed the site’s drainage pumps, a spokesman for operator Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) said. Hundreds of tons of contaminated water have flowed into the ocean, he added.” –

Houses, cars and power lines have destroyed or washed away by theses floods and landslides. other structures have been damaged as well.

“Part of a hotel in the town of Nikko, famed for its shrines and temples, had collapsed, Kyodo news agency said, but there were no reports of injuries”

“Rainfall reached 500 mm (20 inches) around Joso, NHK said, with weather officials expecting at least 200 mm (8 inches) more in parts of eastern Japan, including Fukushima, the site of the nuclear reactor crippled in 2011, before the downpour stops on Friday.” Issei Kato from

These types environmental disasters appear to becoming an unfortunate routine in Japan. Hopefully Japan will recover from this soon.

Take a look at clip below of helicopter flood rescue in Joso from the youtube channel video production news.

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