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Photo: Beso Gulashvili/Georgian Prime Minister's Press Service/Handout, EPA)

Flood Destroys Zoo Enclosures In Tbilisi – Twelve Dead

Residents of Tbilisi, Georgia experienced real life Jumanji!

Today (Sunday, June 14) a flood in Tbilisi is causing extreme chaos. It started as moderate rainfall on Saturday but by today has turned once small streams, like the Vere, into what some news agencies are calling “raging river(s)”. The heavy water flow damaged zoo enclosures and set wild animals loose on the streets. So far, twelve people have been reported dead as a result of the flood (including three zoo keepers).

Tigers, lions, bears, wolves and other animals escaped and began roaming the streets. Authorities are doing their best to capture the animals. With help, they have managed to corner and tranquilize a hippopotamus and move him to a safe space. Some of the other animals have been killed.

It’s unclear at this time as to the number of animals that are on the loose. It’s also not clear how many different types of animals have escaped. As such, authorities are advising people to stay indoors until all of the wild animals are accounted for. Mayor David Narmania said,

Not all the animals who ran away from the zoo have been captured. Therefore, I want to ask the populace to refrain from moving about the city without an urgent need to.”

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