Tuesday , April 7 2020
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Flash Flooding In Texas

Since the past weekend Texas has been under dangerous weather conditions. With torrential downpour, flooding, and tornadoes, many several people have gone missing, in addition to hundreds of homes being lost due to flash flooding. Flash flooding is when a huge amount of flooding happens rapidly in low lying areas; they are extremely dangerous to say the least. Over 20 water rescues were reported yesterday for the citizens of Austin, Texas which is the latest region to be flooded. In the metro area of Houston, approximately 88,000 lost their power Monday night.

Southwest of Austin, in Hays county, Will Conley, the commissioner said the water levels have rose to 44.5 feet(before the gauge broke). The flooding has killed at least three people. Over 30 people are unaccounted for since the floods have started. More than 1000 have evacuated their homes and roadways all across the state are closed. On the ATX floods Website, there is a very clear warning, “Save yourself! Turn Around, Don’t Drown! If there’s water over the road, go back and find another route.” Only time will tell the extent of damage sustained from the horrific weather, until then, if you are in the area, keep safe!


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