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First look at Supergirl

Yesterday CBS released their first trailer for the newest television show based off a DC comic. “Supergirl” joins other comic-based shows like CW’s “Arrow” and “The Flash” and the upcoming “Legends of Tomorrow” and NBC’s “Constantine”.

Melissa Benoist dons the cape as Kara Jor-El, cousin to Superman. Fleeing her home world of Krypton, she too makes her way to Earth and attempts to fit in as a normal person. Kara has a job as an assistant to a news editor and uses her superpowers for work rather than heroics. However, all that changes when a plane – with her adoptive sister on board – is about to crash into the city.

This new show with a number of female roles has left social media divided, with some people unhappy about the light-hearted feel of the trailer, and other praising the strong women being portrayed. However, some have taken this to be “pandering to women” and describe it as a “cheesy chick flick”.

Despite these negative reviews, the trailer has earned praise for its action sequences, special effects, music and Benoist’s acting. Viewers have been intrigued by the characters presented in the trailer and the relationships between them.

As usual, the internet is full of many different opinions and they will likely remain that way until we see the season begin this fall.

There were a few mentions of Superman within the trailer, which begs the question of whether the Man of Steel will appear in the series, and if so, who will portray him.

All these question and more will be answered this fall, when Supergirl takes to the skies.


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