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First Look at Apple’s iOS 9

Big Shocker, Apple has announced new features for iOS which is set to release with iOS 9 in the fall of 2015. Although there will be groans worldwide, as someone who finally became accustomed to the previous update, I am sure that we will all be able to get used to the new updates. And frankly, they sound pretty cool!

Apple is introducing an iCloud Drive app that includes a folder interface to better organize your iCloud from your devices. As someone who loves organization, the file view will be a way easier way to sort out which documents are in the drive, as oppose to the cloud. According to Apple, at this point the search is restricted to file names. Which begs the question of photos and how they will be viewed within the drive and how to search them.

Another change in the new update is the introduction of the 6-digit passcode rather than the 4-digit passcode that Apple users are so accustomed to. This is a change that I am not so sure of. In a world where we have to remember so many numbers, usually in sets of four, adding in one random 6-digit code while still keeping Touch ID makes me feel as if I could be locking myself out of my iPhone quite a bit. That being said, the extra two digits does make it more difficult to have the iPhone hacked. And with the increase of information being stored on everyone’s iPhones, that may be a really good thing.

One of my favourite features that will be introduced in iOS 9 is the low power mode. This will allow users to save more battery power as it runs out by having mail only fetched manually, no longer refreshing background apps, reducing motion and brightness and reducing network speed. Now, before you panic about letting your phone hit 5%, this is a setting that you turn on yourself. So your phone will function normally at 5% if you do not turn on Low Power Mode. Either way, as someone who used their iPhone extensively while travelling and did not charge it that often, the Low Power Mode would have been awesome to have and I look forward to trying it out.

The shift button will also be fixed in the new iOS 9. So rather than never knowing if your keyboard is set to produce capital letters, now letters will display as lowercase until the shift button is pressed, which will then make the letters all uppercase.

All of these updates sound interesting and pretty useful. And all of them are working towards the perfection, if there is such a thing, of an Apple iPhone. iPhone users can look forward to seeing these updates in iOS 9 when it is released in Fall of 2015.

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