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Credit: Campo Santos

Firewatch Release Date Announced

Firewatch, the upcoming adventure game from developer Campo Santo, has been given a release date of February 9, 2016. The game, which has attracted a lot of critical attention since it’s announcement, puts players in the shoes of Henry,  a fire lookout officer stationed in the Shoshone National Forest following the Yellowstone National Park fires of 1988. As the game progresses, mysterious events begin to occur in the woods, while the only person Henry can speak to is his supervisor Delilah over a walkie talkie. Players can choose dialogue during these conversations, which change the tone and tenor of Henry and Delilah’s relationship as the lookout attempts to figure out what is happening in his forest.

Originally announced only for PC, Firewatch appeared at Sony’s E3 press conference in June of this year to reveal a version for the PlayStation 4. Both the PC and the PlayStation 4 versions will launch simultaneously according to a blog post on the Campo Santos website.  “Right now we’re still polishing, optimizing, writing, and developing the last bits of the game, but we can’t wait to put it out there for you to play. Our goal is a worldwide simultaneous release!” the post reads.

“We’ll have much more to say in the lead-up to February 9, as well as some opportunities for folks to get an early hands-on.”

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