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Final Fantasy Type-0 Online Announced

At the Tokyo Game Show today, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy Type-0 Online, an online RPG for PC, iOS devices, Android and Windows Phones. The game is a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Type-0, a spin-off of the mainline Final Fantasy series that originally debuted on the PlayStation Portable in Japan only back in 2011, before finally being released in the west earlier this year via a port for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and later, the PC.

While Final Fantasy Type-0 was a single player focused game that played with franchise conventions a bit and delivered a genuinely affecting, if slightly heavy handed, story, Final Fantasy Type-0 Online is, as the title suggests, multiplayer focused. Taking place in a parallel world to the original game, the new instalment is set to release in 2016 in Japan with releases in North America and Europe currently under consideration.

A post-credits scene at the end of the original game seems to set up a sequel, but this does not appear to be that.

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