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‘Final Fantasy 7’ Trailer Shown At PlayStation Experience 2015.

Final Fantasy 7 came out it in 1997 for the Playstation 1. FFVII has been praised by fans as the best final fantasy game ever made.

A remake is headed to Ps4 with completely updated graphics, new voice acting, and gameplay.  Earlier today, Sony presented a new trailer showing that the gameplay of the FFVII remake is not turn based (like the original), but real time action based.

Similar to the upcoming FFXV, the gameplay shows Cloud Strife performing dynamic and fast-paced sword slashes on enemies. Some video scenes in the trailer are similar to the original, especially when Cloud jumps onto the top of a moving train. According to Cinema Blend, the player will still get to use all 3 characters in the group, just like in the original.

Apparently the developers have changed their plans for the remake, as the original plan was to have the remake use turn-based gameplay.  William Usher from Cinema Blend reported the following:

“…The fact that the game seems to blend in-engine cinematics with in-game play is a nice move. It’s very similar to the way they’re handling the blend of in-game graphics and cinematics in the Luminous Engine-powered RPG Final Fantasy XV.

Speaking of Final Fantasy XV… the combat seems to be lifted from the earlier iterations of the game’s design when it was known as Versus XIII. The combat is now in real-time and players can string together offensive and defensive tactics on the fly during combat. This helps give the game a similar anime feel that was depicted in the CG movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. This is funny because they said they weren’t going to use the Final Fantasy XV engine for the game”

Adding to the anticipation for the remake, Super Smash bros for WiiU recently added Cloud Strife to the fighting roster. Fans are sometimes fickle and funny about their judgements of games. Do you think the fans will like the FFVII remake with all the new features or will they dislike it?

Here is a video of the trailer and another video comparing the original to the remake.

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