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Female Protagonists in Video Games

Since the beginning of the existence of video games, the playable characters available have always been more bias toward the male population, while the females are made out to be weak, helpless, fragile and in need of saving.

When most think of their favorite games, there is a good chance that each of them will have an overwhelming cast of male characters. When people try to dispute this, they often turn to the few memorable titles where females are the ones in control, which can still more than likely be counted on one hand. Even if that same person who is trying to argue names twice as many titles where female characters are the main ones, there is still an enormous deficit when you look at the thousands of titles where males are the ones in charge.

The good news is that Assassin’s Creed is taking a step in the right direction to help shorten lessen this difference, even if it is only slight. After being disappointed with the sales results of their last release Assassin’s Creed Unity, the series’ maker Ubisoft is eager to release their newest addition to the series, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate.

I feel that having a female playable character in such a popular brand of game will be great for it, as a lot of female gamers out there have probably been longing for something like this. In fact, I feel that not only adding a female character will make it better for the female gaming audience, but it will also add a new dynamic to the game, which may just allow for that success that the creators were looking for. I also hope that this bold move by Ubisoft succeeds greatly, as it may cause other gaming companies to rethink their character casts, which could potentially bring a whole other level to industry of gaming as we know it. Ubisoft has announced that the game will release in late October, so gamers all over will find out if this new character will be hit or not.

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