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FDA on Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Every man remembers when they started to experience puberty. Their voices got deeper, they started growing and eating like a horse, they practically lose control of their hormones, they begin getting stronger and more. All of these wonderful things happen because of testosterone, the hormone that is dominant in males. However, testosterone also keeps a man feeling like a man all throughout his life. Also, there are cases of men where they have a rather low testosterone count, but according to Dr. Sandhi Dhindsa, the FDA states some rather false things about the fix for this, which is testosterone replacement therapy, or trt.

The FDA frowns upon trt because of its problems related to the aging process. The manufacturers of testosterone products were even encouraged to highlight the increased chance of heart attack and stroke on them. However, there are loads of problems with these claims. For one, Dr. Sandhi pointed out that the Food and Drug Administration did not define the term aging correctly, so no one is able to really say if testosterone replacement therapy is hazardous or not. Secondly, the AACE, or the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, also states that there is zero scientific evidence behind the FDA’s reasoning for avoiding testosterone replacement therapy. Third, the general public already believe that they will increase their likelihood of prostate cancer will increase with trt, so adding more false side effects to it, especially coming from an organization that is supposed to be trusted very much, people’s views on trt could not possibly be any brighter.

I hope that this gets cleared up quickly, because testosterone replacement therapy is something that can be used by many men all over the world, and having the FDA  put out supposedly false statements like this does not help the cause.

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