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Famous Hair Care Product’s ‘Harsh Chemicals’ Caused Hair Loss, Baldness In Women

The company Wen is facing a class action lawsuit from hundreds of women who claim the company’s hair care product line resulted in permanent damage to their hair, causing it to fall out and result in major scalp damage. Plaintiffs from 40 states claim that the cleansing conditioner’s “harsh chemicals” caused various problems such as rashes, itchy scalps, discolored and broken hair, hair loss, and baldness. However, celebrities state on the company’s 24/7 infomercials that the multi-purpose  products can replace several individual items including shampoos and conditioners.

Wen products were designed by Hollywood hairstylist Chaz Dean and direct marketer Guthy-Renker that also produces popular beauty products such as acne treatments. They are advertised as being free of sulfate (salt of an acid).

The company’s infomercials feature various celebrity testimonials, including actress Alyssa Milano and model Brooke Shields.

In the Wen ads, the advertisers claim that applying their hair care products once causes people’s locks to be healthier and look better. The infomercials state that using more of the product will result in better results.

However, the class action lawsuit argues that Wen products contain “harsh chemicals” that allegedly result in a chemical reaction that can damage a hair follicle and/or strand. It also claims that the company was aware of customers’ complaints, but it did not any take action.

The law firm representing the 200 people suing Wen has shared that more unhappy customers could also take legal action against the company due to hair loss. That could include “tens of thousands” of consumers.

Wen, Dean, and Guthy-Renker told NBC in a statement that no scientific evidence can prove the claim that the hair care products cause hair loss. The cause of the customers’ hair falling out was unrelated to their merchandise.

Wen reportedly earned $100 million in its second year in business. It has received many positive Amazon reviews, including from a person who wrote it produced the best results and stopped her hair from breaking and falling out.

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