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Family Receives $650,000 For Death of Elderly Woman

It is extremely unfortunate when helpless people are caught in gunfire, whether it is from the police or from a suspected criminal. However, a lot of the time, it is rare to see that families of the deceased are compensated with anything other than sincere apologies when things like this happen. In Philadelphia however, the story is a little different.

Philadelphia police were working to capture an intoxicated man in an apartment complex after he had a fight with his girlfriend and refused to turn himself in when police came to their door. This resulted in a crossfire between the police department and the man. On the bright side, Andrew Cairns was captured and is now serving fourteen to thirty years in his state’s prison. However, the bad side to this is that the police department ended up accidentally shooting eighty nine year old Marie Zienkewicz in the process. Her family was given six hundred and fifty thousand dollars as compensation.

My condolences go out to the Zienkewicz family. It must have been awful to hear that someone who had already made it so far was taken by accidental gunfire. Hopefully a good chunk of that lump sum of money is put towards a good funeral service for her.

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