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Family of Four found dead in Home: Homicide-suicide is suspected

This past Thursday a family of four was found dead inside their Michigan home by police. Police were called to investigate the property after Jeffrey Mendenhall, the 54 year old father, was reported missing for the last few days at work. Police later arrived at their mobile home in Garfield Township Michigan, where, after knocking a few times without response, forced their way into the house and found the family dead.

The family is said to be Jeffrey Mendenhall, 54 years old, Tamisha Mendenhall, 34 years old, as well as their two young children, Olivia, and Thomas, who were 6 and 3 years of age.

Police have not released any information on how the four died, an autopsy will reveal what happened. However, police do say that evidence points towards a possible homicide-suicide. Based on this assumption police are trying to determine whether it was both or just one of the parents. They have ruled out any form of death such as a natural gas leak, saying that whatever did happen to the family was caused by the family themselves.

Friends, family, and neighbors were horrified by the news and can only wonder what it was that caused the death of such nice people. Neighbors described the family as friendly and having always said “hi” when passing by. The results from the autopsy should be back soon and then the truth will come out. Until then, friends and family must wait for answers.

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