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‘Fallout 4’ Will Support One of the Most Immature Things We Do in Video Games

If you were a kid growing up with one of the many early RPG’s such as Chrono Trigger or Pokemon, chances are when you were met with the screen to give your character or someone in your party a name you didn’t exactly take it seriously.  I still remember how funny and childishly exciting it was when you were given the ability to name your rival in the older Pokemon games, why call him ‘Gary’ or ‘Green’ when you could dub him ‘Butthead’ or almost any other expletive your young mind could come up with?

It seems the developers behind ‘Fallout 4’, the upcoming sequel to Bethesda’s open-world post-apocalyptic RPG series, still have that adolescent fondness for silly names in their heart.  Quakecon, a yearly gaming and software convention held by ZeniMax Media, is currently under way in Dallas, Texas, sporting a ton of new info on the highly-anticipated release.  It was recently publicized in various E3 developer walk-through’s that your character’s in-game robot helper will have the ability to actually speak the player’s name.  However the other day, executive producer Todd Howard revealed just how broad the list of accommodated names is, showing the audience full voice support for such names as  “Ms. Angela”, “Mr. Matthew”, “Mr. Mcfly”, “Ms. Katniss”, “Mr. Boobies”, and “Mr. F***face”.

The complete name bank is said to hold somewhere around 1,000 names, says Forbes, and many of which are quite goofy and immature.  Of course, one may get frustrated upon finding that their real name isn’t supported while something like ‘F***face’ is, however the Fallout series has always been silly at heart, boasting an expansive landscape filled to the brim with odd characters and the absurd things people might do when a society collapses, so I would imagine you must have at least a small sense of humour if you’re thinking of picking up the latest instalment.

The studio dropped some other new facts about the game, including some new locations, companion romancing mechanics, and the new levelling system which now base the perks off your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats instead of levels like in previous iterations.  It’s shaping up to be a fantastic looking RPG, and while all the new features and game-engine changes look very promising, I can’t help but be most excited to try out all the different ridiculous names that the game will support.  I doubt they’ll have ‘Jürgen’, anyway.


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