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‘Fallout 4’ released and it’s a big deal

Popularity is so high that Fallout 4 has almost broken Steam records for the most players playing a single game. Rob Crossley from Gamespot reported the following:

“…shortly after its release on Steam, the open-world RPG amassed more than 290,000 concurrent players.

That brings Fallout 4 within distance of the peak Steam concurrent user record set by Grand Theft Auto V, which in April brought more than 300,000 players on Valve’s PC platform. Later it went on to set an even bigger record, according to independent monitor Steam Charts, with 360,000 peak players.”

Available now for PS4, Xboxone, and PC,  Fallout 4 has been well received by gamers and critics.

Brian Mastroianni from CBS reported the following positive review.

“For CNET’s Jeff Bakalar, ‘Fallout 4’ reels players into a believable world with a ‘seemingly endless amount to do’ in its open-world environment. While it’s been over seven years since Bethesda Game Studios released the last game in the franchise, Bakalar says it’s been well worth the wait. This game is ‘amazingly focused and realized and is easily one of the best games I’ve played all year,…’ ”

Some reviewers did not like the game as much and felt it was not much different in quality than 2008’s Fallout 3. A reviewer from Time had the following to say about the game and it’s new creation tool feature.

“…In practice, it feels a little clumsy, asking that you drag-and-place dingy, irregularly shaped objects around continuous 3D-space from the standpoint of a camera with limited perspective. Minecraft it’s not,…

….I can’t shake the feeling I’m really playing Fallout 3 season two.”

The architecture creation tools may not be great, but on the positive side, the character creation tools seem pretty interesting as they allow the player to create some neat costumes and faces.  See Ben Gilbert’s article from Tech Insider for a couple of examples.  On the negative side, he also mentions the nasty glitches and and annoying bugs present in Fallout 4.

“While exploring the irradiated ruins of the Boston metropolitan area, you’ll encounter your fair share of people walking into walls, or the whole world seemingly slowing down (“dropping frames” as it’s known in the biz), or maybe you’ll get outright stuck in an elevator forever.”

Unfortunately, some people have not received their copy of the game yet due to shipping delays.  As reported on Kotaku around 6 p.m. Nov. 10,  Amazon and Gamestop in North America have not been able to deliver the game to many customers.  Nathan Grayson from Kotaku reported the following:

“Today was supposed to be the big day. Fallout 4 fans of all shapes and power armor sizes planned to “call in sick” and get lost in Bethesda’s latest slice of irradiated paradise. And yet, if you go just about anyplace where people are discussing Fallout 4, you’ll see a small avalanche of complaints about last-second delays. Heck, some people—like our own news overseer Jason Schreier, who pre-ordered a regular PS4 copy of the game—say they haven’t even received delay notifications. But the day’s almost over, and the physical copies of the game they pre-ordered still aren’t in their hands”

Fallout 4 has been surrounded by lots of anticipation and hype recently; people seem to love this game as much as Zelda Ocarina of Time was loved in 1998. Hopefully the game is as good as they say.  My guess is that Fallout 4 is probably a ton of fun if you’ve never played a Fallout game before; however, you”ll probably be partly immune to the fun if you’ve played a lot of Fallout 3 or other Fallout games.

Here is a Fallout 4 review from Comedian and talk show host Conan O’Brien.  The video comes from Youtube channel Team Coco.



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