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Facebook Moments can turn your photos into music videos

Facebook has released a new update for its photo-sharing app Moments. No, not Instagram.

When Moments was released in June, the app only allowed its users to privately share their Camera Roll photos with their Facebook friends. Now, the app will automatically create short music videos from your device’s photo collection that can be shared with your friends privately or post them to your Facebook page.

The video montages created are very similar to those made using Flipagram. The one difference is that Flipagram can has rights to use the recognizable songs it was able to acquire this summer. According to TechCrunch, Moments will have “about a dozen different background music options.”

Moments can create a music video for any group of six photos or more. After the video is created, you can tap it in the app and customize it further. You can choose your background music and switch out any photos you don’t want in the video.

After you finish making your changes, you can tap the video again to share it directly to Facebook and tag your friends. This new feature could make the app more appealing to users who did not see the purpose behind the photo-syncing app before.

This app could be the answer to finding the right balance between public and private. You are dealing with private photos, but you have the option to share them on your not-so-private Facebook page. And, you get to do so using one of the most popular forms of media in the world of social networks today: video.

Facebook could really benefit from the new feature. They have had some problems creating successful, standalone apps in the past, according to MacWorld. For instance, Messenger has done well, but the Snapchat wannabe Slingshot totally flopped. Maybe this could be their next steady app!

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