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Facebook Messenger No Longer Requires a Facebook Account

I remember when the Messenger application first came out for the smartphone in the app store. People were outraged. They were so angry that they now needed to have two apps on their smart phones in order to fully have functionality of the original app. Then there was the whole uproar behind the one curious person who decided to actually read the terms of agreement in order to download the app, spreading around the idea that Facebook was going to take over people’s devices when they least expected it. Well, I have got some good news for people who detested and still do detest the app today.

Facebook has announced now that their famous Messenger app now has the option of being used without a Facebook account. They stated that they believe that their application is so amazing because of all the work that they put into it, that they wanted to give everyone the opportunity to use it.

I think that this is a rather smart move on Facebook’s part. Even though there may be some people who find this change rather insignificant, I am going to shed some light on why I like the idea. For one, someone may not have Facebook, and for their own reasons, might not want to join the popular social media site. Further, these same people may also be strapped for cash to pay for a phone plan that allows for unlimited text messaging or even sufficient minutes to talk to people. For these people, this change would be great because all they would need is a computer in order to talk to their friends, no matter where they may be living. Hopefully Facebook continues to find ways to help out those who do not use it’s popular service, as it will only improve their own publicity.

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