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Facebook Messenger Annoying Button Fix

I do not know about you, but I remember when Facebook first launched the Messenger application. For those of you that do not use Facebook, the Messenger application was an extra application that users needed to download in order to either send or receive messages through Facebook, and it annoyed a LOT of people at the start. Some found it extremely unnecessary to have a secondary app when the old one was much more efficient, and some people simply stopped using the messenger system on Facebook altogether. Then something else kicked in. Someone happened to read the terms and conditions on the application ( you know, that part that you always skip over in order to actually get on with gaining access to whatever it is you want. Kudos to those who read it every time though), and saw that the Messenger application required access to your contacts, and needed to have the option to place phone calls at any time and a bunch of other intrusive things that Facebook owners could do with your device if they chose to mess with your life for whatever malicious reason. This caused a crazy boycott of the downloading of the app, and everyone was saying Facebook was aiming to take control of phones and a bunch of other nonsense. Little did they know, along with the Facebook application on their smart phones, plus the Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and whatever other social media that is out there now a days, they all had similar circumstances, and this caused everyone to scratch their heads, shrug their shoulders and download the Messenger application anyway.

Enough about that though. With this Messenger app, there was what was thought to be a cool feature at first, but it got plain annoying and inconvenient later on. Right next to the send button was a little arrow which would display your location instantly to the one you were conversing with over the app. This grew annoying for people in many circumstances, since it was so easy to press this button instead of the send button. So Facebook did what everyone had wanted for a little while now. They did not get rid of it, but moved it to a different location on the application, so now you have to be very deliberate when you want to send someone your location. Now, if you have upgraded the app, you must go to the bottom of the screen, click on the three dots at the bottom, and choose to send your location from there.

I am a large fan of this change, not only because it annoyed the heck out of me while I was using the application before, but it shows that Facebook really cares about it’s customers feedback and acts accordingly. I say this because a lot of companies which I am not going to name simply take the approach of “Well, it’s the most popular type of system and the millions of people using already are not all going to switch over to something else, so they can just deal with the inconvenience.” I have news for companies that think this way, people may put up with it for some time, but sooner or later they are going to get fed up with the nuisance that is the inconvenience of whatever program it is. Hopefully they follow Facebook’s example and listen to their user base.

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