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Facebook gets rid of ‘Other’ inbox

One of Facebook’s most lacklustre features will soon be gone, although probably not with much notice from users. While Facebook users have their regular inbox, there is also another inbox called “other.” This mailbox is available only through a desktop and cannot be viewed on a phone, making this inbox difficult to get to, leading to a lot of missed messages.

But what gets sent to this box and why? The “other”mailbox is reserved for messages from people who are not friends with you on Facebook — this means that strangers messaging you, spam, or group messages including people you’re not friends with will automatically be directed to this inbox. However, Facebook has decided to change all of this by merging the inboxes, instead opting for these messages to turn into “requests” that can be accepted or denied.

The main concern that has arisen over this change is in regards to harassment. Messages from strangers that may be considered harassment would have been redirected to the “other” inbox and would usually go unnoticed.

This concern, while understandable, shouldn’t have that negative of an impact, due to the fact that messages still need to be approved for users to see them. This means that users have complete control over who is able to communicate with them and who is not. Rather than Facebook making the decision for you, users have the power to choose what’s something they want to see and what’s not. This move will have a positive effect on users, and is a subtle change that many will not even realize has taken place.

This shift will make it easier for strangers to get into contact with people over things like lost possessions, which can easily go by undetected with the current inbox system. I feel that this small change will be helpful and handy for Facebook and its users.

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