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Eyesight and Dyslexia

Dyslexia is somewhat of a mystery to me. I say that because I do not have nor have I experienced anyone in my life with the disorder yet, so I am really unsure on how it works or occurs in people aside from the generic genetics answer. However, some may believe that the quality of eyesight that someone has means there is a correlation to how likely they are to have dyslexia or how bad it will be. Although I just admitted that I do not know much about the illness, if someone were to bring up this idea to me, I am willing to believe that my gut instinct would be to turn down their theory. Fortunately for me, it seems that research agrees with my gut instinct.

A study using a large amount of people in varying ages and varying qualities of eyesight were examined to see if there was any correlation with that and the levels of dyslexia experienced between people. The study concluded in the researchers saying that there is not correlation between these two elements.

The reason why I believe that dyslexia and eye vision do not have any correlation is because I think that dyslexia has more to do with how someone’s brain processes a particular set of words or whatever it is they are reading more so than what it actually looks like. Some may argue that vision could affect the way that the brain processes something, but I simply do not think so and here is my reasoning why. If two people see the number fifteen written on a piece of paper, one with perfect vision and another with blurry vision, I think that so long as they can see that the number is fifteen or process the number backwards as fifty one, the way that the brain processes the number should not change. I definitely encourage researchers to continue their work and see if maybe they can find some way to see if there is some sort of correlation, but as it stands right now, I agree with the current findings of the research.


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