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Eye Colour: A New Clue Into Alcoholism?

It used to be said that your eye colour comes from a genetic pool of DNA mixed between recessive and dominant traits from both parents. Babies are all born with blue eues, and from there the DNA kicks in.

Now, new research is suggesting that eye colour is more than just dominant and recessive traits. Apparently, it could be a new clue into identifying risks of alcoholism.

The winning colour? Blue.

A new study suggests that people with blue eyes may be more likely to become alcoholics. Researchers at the University of Vermont identified findings that could help doctors learn more about alcoholism and its genetic roots.

In the study, the researchers identified over 1200 people with European roots who suffered from alcoholism. They found a surprising connection: eye colour. After analyzing and reassessing the data multiple times, researchers went on to compare participants’ age, gender and cultural background (including location).

The findings showed that European Americasn with lighter eyes (blue) had an increased rate of alcohol dependance than participants with darker eyes (brown).

According to the research, the genetic components that lead to a determination of eye colour also line up along genes linked to alcohol abuse. Ultimately, this “suggests an intriguing possibility that eye colour can be useful in the clinc for alcohol dependence diagonosis”.

However, the study noted that more research is required to understand why light eye colours, especially blue, are linked to greater cases of alcoholosim.

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