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Exotic Food and Your Habits

Have you considered yourself to be one of those people who likes to travel and taste all the different foods out there? Well I have got some exciting news for you regarding your link to exotic foods and your health!

A study was conducted at Cornell University, asking people questions about their eating habits, and their happiness with their current physique. Eventually, these people were then put into two groups, exotic eaters and non exotic eaters. Those who had eaten nine or more foods that were traditionally not a part of their culture were considered to be exotic eaters. After analyzing the data, it turns out that those who ate the more exotic foods more often had a higher rate of liking the state of their current physique, were more likely to say that they were aware of the foods they eat and other things associated with being happy and healthy.

I can totally understand how eating some exotic food could really change how you think about your current meals at home. In places like the United States, foods are quite tasty, however, just about anyone who eats there or works at a restaurant in the states will tell you that the preparation of the food is probably not done in the healthiest way. In other countries, some of them actually thrive on the idea that they really value the longevity of their people, how their food makes you feel better and for some places, how you can only find it in their native land. Once you taste one of these nation’s foods, you may turn your nose up at the process through which your original food is prepared. In fact, you may even find yourself trying to find something similar to what you ate in those places, or at least finding a healthier alternative to it. Now think about the people who have not gotten the opportunity to try these foods and come to the reality of knowing that there are other foods separate from what they eat everyday. If they are in a situation where they simply have never tried exotic food and only eat what they’re used to, it is extremely probable that they are not as happy with their current lifestyle. Maybe this study will convince those who have not tried exotic foods to widen their horizons.

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