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Eric Warfel (Photo: Medina County Sheriff's office)

Eric Warfel Charged With Abuse Of A Corpse – $1 Million Bond

Wednesday, July 29 in Cleveland, the body of twenty-one month old Ember Warfel was found decomposing in her crib. Her body was discovered at 10am by a cable technician who came to do work in the apartment.


Ember’s father, Eric Warfel, was arrested at a shopping center where he was with his 7 year old daughter. His daughter has been temporarily moved into her grandparent’s custody for the time being.


Thursday, July 30 Eric Warfel faced a judge and had his bond set at $1 million.


As of right now he is being charged with abuse of a corpse, a fifth degree felony. Eric asked the judge:


“Is that the only charge?”


While the response was affirmative, it’s been speculated that there will likely be more charges to come as the investigation unfolds.


Warfel confirmed that Ember had passed June 18th but that he hadn’t told anyone about her death. He even hid it from neighbours by putting garbage in Ember’s room and crib to mask the smell.


Ember’s mother, Malinali Galdamez is currently living in New York with their son. As such, Warfel is seen as a flight risk which speaks to his high bond. The two were married in February 2012 but divorced last year. After their divorce, Warfel was granted sole custody of little Ember.


This was not the first time the couple had lost a child. On March 31, 2013 their five month old daughter, Erin Delynn Warfel, passed away. It was written off as “sudden unexplained infant death”.


The cause of Ember’s death is still under investigation and with a history of substance abuse I’m sure every stone will be turned. RIP Ember, here is to hoping justice will be served in your name.

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