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Elderly Man Calls 911 For Food

Everyone has heard the stories of people calling 911 for bizarre reasons. Some are selfish, some are plain inappropriate. However, this case, was rather unusual.

An elderly man was in the hospital for months and had arrived home without any edible food in his home. Whatever he was in the hospital for, must have left him unable to eat as well. He found himself in a predicament where he was not able to move and called 911 asking for food. Minutes later, the operator, and everyone else who had heard about the story came rushing the man’s aid with grocery bags full of food. The man was overwhelmed by the amount of food he received, and actually called a food bank to give some of it away. He claimed it would take him a full year to finish it all!

Many might say that this was an inappropriate use of the service. However, if the story is exactly how it sounds, I would argue that this was an appropriate use of the service. If the man was really unable to move due to not eating in months, the man may very well have died had he not called, and after all, 911 is a phone service which is meant for saving the lives of citizens.

Its awesome to see that people in this mostly online connected community are still able to come together and come to the aid of someone locally who is in need. It reminds everyone that there are still decent people out there.

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