Thursday , November 14 2019
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Eggs and the Bird Flu


There are some products that we see in local markets and take for granted every time we walk by them. Well what if they were to actually suddenly increase in price? Well, like a teenager without their cell phone these days, I say we would be in a panic. I bet there is a large uproar in Wisconsin.

Recently, a bird flu outbreak occurred in Wisconsin, and that caused their market to return or destroy a lot of eggs. This means that the price of eggs has skyrocketed there. Ever since the twelve percent increase in price, many different results have come about.

I can completely understand a family cutting back on eggs because they are too expensive for them, but what happens to places like restaurants? Especially one that thrives in it’s ability to serve breakfast. These restaurants have also had to increase their prices due to their ingredients being more limited. I hope that people who cook with a lot of one ingredient learn to pace themselves, and learn to use different things. I can only picture how frozen or stuck the mother of a vegetarian household who uses eggs as a staple is right now. Hopefully this bird flu comes to pass and things return to normal.


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