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Educate Yourself Before Going Through With Joint Surgery For Arthritis

As time progresses on, the terrible disease known as aging gets to us all. As we get older, we cannot run as fast, our joints begin cracking and popping as we move around, and it can be down right depressing. If this does not sound all that bad to you, there is one thing that comes along with joint popping that no one likes. Pain. Pain makes everything much more challenging and even makes you think twice about certain movements. When pain strikes, people start to feel helpless, and they turn to doctors with the hope that a prescription of pills will make the pain go away. These pills may work for a week or two, but sooner or later their effects wear off, and then they are back where they started. These people may then turn to surgeons for relief, in hopes of permanent relief through physical help from the doctors. The problem with this is that sometimes going under the knife is not the answer, and may even not help at all.

Many doctors who used to perform the surgery for arthritic pain do not do the practise it anymore because they realize that it may not help their patients, and studies have also shown that if patients with arthritic pain are going to improve at all, as some arthritic states only turn to degeneration, the surgery will not make a difference. I understand that I am no doctor, surgeon or medical professional, but being in a powerlifting background for a little while, I can offer some tips that may help prevent some of your joint pain. As a powerlifter, tight muscles are an enormous detriment to me, so I need to keep them loose and mobile. You may be asking yourself now “what does that have to do with me? My joints are killing me right now!” Well, I’ll explain it. Your muscles are connected to your tendons, which are connected to your joints, kind of like a very large chain when you put it all together. When your muscles are tight, they pull hard on your tendons, and then your tendons pull hard on the joints, which can produce the pain you are feeling, and it can be extremely similar to arthritic pain. To start fixing this, start by getting a foam roller, or regularly seeing a good massage therapist. You will be surprised at the results if you have never been before, but I’ll warn you now, it hurts!


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