Saturday , January 25 2020
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Ebola Returns to Liberia


Liberian officials confirmed that after the death of a 17-year-old in Monrovia, that Ebola has officially returned to Liberia. The boy tested positive for the virus about forty-eight days after the World Health Organization declared Liberia to be free of Ebola on May 9.

For now, contact tracing has begun to find anyone else who may have been exposed to the virus. Although this is not the greatest news for Liberia, it is obvious that the alert systems in place are working. As Liberia’s Minister of Health, Dr. Bernice Dhan pointed out, “the structures we have in place to strengthen our surveillance systems in Liberia allowed us to respond quickly. It is critical that the Liberian people remain vigilant and continue all prevention measures to stop the spread of Ebola.” It has also been clear that the government has been taking quick steps to stop the virus from turning into an outbreak as was seen in 2014.

So although Ebola may be back in Liberia, with luck it will remain under control.

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