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Early Deafness in Children? Treat it Now.

Having a child can be a really tough experience for a lot of couples out there. Some people with all the resources  in the world are unable to have one just because they are not compatible or the woman is infertile. I do not have any children, but I can tell that when a family’s efforts finally pay off and that baby finally appears in the mother’s arms, the last thing they want to do is have to take it to more doctors because of something being wrong with him or her. This may cause some adults to ignore symptoms that a child may display once they start growing up. Some families get lucky with their choice to ignore these symptoms as sometimes the babies can grow out of whatever it is, but others may not be so lucky with it. Any child showing signs of partial deafness is one of those children that may end up unlucky.

Researchers have been checking out the results of untreated children with partial loss of hearing both in one of their ears or in both. Unfortunately, children with loss of hearing are often hard to diagnose and are often ignored by parents and doctors because the child can still hear some sounds. This is a large disservice later on, as children who go with this birth defect untreated are at risk of below average academic performance, are predisposed to having poorer vocabulary and difficulty with intricate sentence structure than their normal-hearing peers, says Tavora-Vieira from the university of Western Australia.

I can understand how hard it must be to see someone’s new born child go inside of some machine or taking injections or just about anything that causes them to suffer or go through pain, but parents need to understand that doctors would not advise these treatments if they did not deem them mandatory or recommended. To think about the idea of a child’s problem being able to be solved with a mere hearing aid and parents are ignoring the symptoms all together which damages the child in the end makes me sick to my stomach. It particularly makes me sick to my stomach because something like hearing is not a birth defect such as having fingers missing and such. With the absence of something as important as hearing, this severely affects how someone absorbs information, which is crucial in a world like ours where education at the early stages of life is so invaluable. I want children from all over to have the most fair chance to take advantage of their education, and cases like these that display the negligence of parents take that away from them.

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