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Earbuds That Change The Way You Hear The World

Doppler Labs has made a Kickstarter for a new kind earbud. As said on the Kickstarter page, “Use two wireless buds and a smartphone app to control what you hear and how you hear it.”

The main feature so far of the earbuds is to manipulate volume levels, which you can do through the smartphone app. There are also two main music features. The is is an equalizer with five levels, so you can adjust things like the treble and bass. The second features sound effects.

Though Doppler’s earbuds aren’t yet in the final stages, the new product cunningly named ‘here’, is already making waves. Coachella bought 135,000 units to give to those attending.

Investors include musicians Hans Zimmerman and Tiesto in addition to Live Nation Entertainment and Universal Music Group. So far, their kickstarter has raised over $630,00 from 2,855 backers. It seems there is limitless potential for what could come of the final product ‘Here’.

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